A feature length film about Poland’s most promising politician.

NB: As many of you know, the goal was to make a feature length film about Robert Biedroń, his politics, and his candidacy. Unfortunately, after two and a half years of shooting in various parts of Poland and the US, Mr Biedroń backed out for fear that the film would hurt his electability, and the project has been abandoned.

This edit consists of some of the footage I shot over that period of time. I’ve posted an unfinished version so that folks who contributed to the project can see a partial, work-in-progress edit.

Thank you to the many people on both sides of the Atlantic who generously helped with this film. I wish we could have seen it through to completion, but, well, politics as usual.


Production Trailer (2016)

Production Photos

visiting robert biedroń’s childhood locations (photo by paula szewczyk)